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RQB 3496 Reskin Done

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The headliner and doorpanels are done. The seats are distractingly nice to touch. We can't keep our hands off of them.


The headliner is no longer excites chicken little.


The old door panels must have been left exposed to a few rain storms. No more rippling leather.


If you liked sticking your nose in a new baseball glove, then you will love sitting in the car now.

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Joe, glad to see you're happy with the interior. I wanted to stop by the upholstery shop while it was being done to see it, but was unable (I've been out of town and won't be back for another day or so). It looks great.

To anyone else interested, Joe took his car to a great shop in Frederick, MD...Joe's Upholstery. They did the interior on the '63 R1 I owned some years back and did the interior of one of my Corvettes. They do absolutely great work...and Don, the owner is a first-class guy to deal with.

Hope I get to see your car again in person soon, Joe.

Bruce Blum

Frederick, MD

'02 Avanti

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