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Need 2002 Back Up Light Assembly.

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It depends on which backup lens assembly you have...most have the b/u light in the bumper...at least one had the b/u lights in the trunk lid such as Avantis through the Avanti II years before being changed by either Steve Blake or Mike Kelly.

If your car has the light assemblies in the bumper, it's a Nissan part...at least it says Nissan on the ones on my '02. What year and model I don't know. Take it to a Nissan dealer for identification.

If you have the b/u lights in the trunk lid, I have no idea...it may have been molded in-house by Avanti Motors.

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Ron, Did you ever get the back up lenses? I've had to replace my taillight lenses and one of the front marker light assemblies and lenses. May have to do the taillights again soon. The right one faces the sun all day while I am at work and fades and gets brittle.


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I never found the back up assemblies or lights. The local Nissan dealer had no clue. No luck with the internet either. I received the taillight lenses fine. Did you what was used for front directional lenses? My 2002 now has 151,000 as I use it everyday through snow (it doesn't like it). I've owned a 63, 70, 85, and 89. The 2002 has been the best...


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You might contact John Hull...he was one of the officers of Avanti Motors early on in this generation of Avantis. He may be the only person who knows the answer to this. His email is <avantifromct@aol.com>.

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I have found that the Trans Am based Avanti back up light assembly is from an Infiniti J30 model years 1993 through 1997. I physically have a left and right and have compared them to my original ones. The Avanti lamps do have mounting holes drilled on each end  for mounting in the fiberglass bumpers that you will have to do or glue them on the inside of the bumper without out drilling.


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Thank you, thank you! I have been trying for years to identify these.  The 2006-07 Avanti used the same ones and likely 2005 too.  I just found and purchased a used set on ebay.

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I'm attaching 5 photos I've pulled from online of the various tail and back-up light positions on the Kelly Villa Rica and Cancun-built Avantis.

The white car is a GM Firebird based 2001 hardtop; the brochure excerpts were published in 2002, and appear to capture the transition from a second pair of tail lights mounted on the trunk lid to a single pair of tail lights mounted on the quarter panels on the Firebird based cars; the red convertible with Delaware dealer tags is a Ford SN-95 Mustang based 2005; the black convertible is a Ford D2C Mustang based 2006-7.

All of the iterations of the car appear to have the bumper mounted back-up light assembly.

early 2001 Avanti hardtop tail.jpg

early 2002 Avanti tail.jpg

late 2002 Avanti tail.jpg

2005 Avanti tail.jpg

2007 Avanti tail.jpg

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