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63 Avanti A-Arm Bushing/Grease seals

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Finally getting back to rebuilding the suspension on my 63 Avanti.  Have run into an issue installing new a-arm bushing/grease seals in both the upper and lower a-arms.  Have new bushing/grease seals from Studebaker International but when I go to screw them into the arms they only go a couple of turns then stop.  I hesitant to try and force them as I am not sure what the reason for them not going in all the way.

I have go through both the Avanti and Studebaker shop manuals covering the installation a couple of time to be sure I am not missing some key instruction.  Does any one have a suggestion of what I am not doing correctly or how to get them  to screw all the way in?

Thanks for you comments and help

John Priester

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That job can be a little nerve wracking!, however, after lubing the bushings and pins with motor oil or STP, I drive them home evenly, alternating equal turns front to rear, with a breaker bar or long handled 1/2" ratchet until they seat. Sometimes it takes PLENTY of force!

Although not really necessary, I usually place a caster-camber gauge against the spindle before backing off the upper pin bushings, then I try to duplicate those readings when re-installing.

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Check the inner thread.

I had this problem once with one bushing. I couldn't get it to wind in.

I struggled with it for hours  until I looked inside at the thread. It wasn't threaded all the way down and ran out of thread before it could seat properly.

Double check the thread goes all the way.


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