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Remove A/C Evaporator

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Have any of you gentlemen had the unfortunate task of pulling the A/C Evaporator on a Avanti II. The shop manual is of little to no help.

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When these cars were built, I think this must have been the first piece they started with, and the rest of the car was built around it. :)

You can get the evaporator out, but it's a bit of a fight. First, remove the front panel with the vents and controls. Then, remove the right side console panel that goes around the side of the evaporator in the passenger side footwell. You will have to remove or pull back the carpeting. The fiberglass panel may be screwed or riveted on, so you may have to drill out the rivet heads. At this point, you should have enough room to disconnect the hoses going to the evaporator. Now, look and feel around for the mounting brackets, I think there's one on the front and one on the back but I may be wrong about this. You should now be able to wiggle the assembly around and determine where it's secured. Once you have it loose, try to wiggle it out through the opening in the passenger side footwell. You may discover that it just won't come out without making a small cut in the console area ~ don't worry about it as it will not be visible when everything is back together. This is a difficult job but it can be done. You may find it easier to work if the passenger seat is removed. Good luck!

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I gutted my Avanti interior to renovate it.  If my memory is still accurate, removing the Evaporator went like this   / Side console panels (underdash) where the A/C air intake is / remove front air distribution grille, switches, thermocouple, etc. / Remove radio /   Remove A/C hoses from expansion valve / tie the hoses off to the right side  / Remove heater-blower assembly behind glovebox /  undo the obvious electrical connections then you can see enough to unbolt the large dual cage fan and evaporator. / It has to come out on the passenger side.

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