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  1. Door alignment is done with shims and/or by loosening the hinge bolts and shifting/moving the door in relation to the hinges and/or the hinges in relation to the body. The technique is the same as with most automobiles. Its more an art than a science, since shimming or moving one door hinge usually requires adjusting the other hinge, too, and it can require several people and/or some jacks and wood shims to support the door and move it around in relationship to the hinges or body opening. See the Body section at the back of the Studebaker Avanti workshop manual, page 9. If you d
  2. My understanding is that Avanti Motors would paint a car whatever color the customer wanted (same with interior fabrics/colors)... and there were some pretty bad choices, although I expect they had some "standard" color choices to show customers, and probably built at least a few cars that didn't have a customer order at build time.
  3. I think that information is available from Nostalgic Motorcars ... https://www.nostalgicmotorcars.net/born-reports.html#/
  4. In 2006 I bought a remanufactured Quadrajet for my '71 from Recarbco.com, and about 4 years ago I rebuilt the Quadrajet on my '80 myself. The remanufactured carb looked and operated like new, it was much nicer than I imagined and certainly far better than the one I rebuilt personally. But it was expensive at the time: $280. Here is a pic of the '71 carb when it arrived:
  5. Like studegary, I am past 80 years old and have owned '63, '66, '69, '71, '80, and '89 Avanti's over my lifetime, starting at about age 34. Only the '71 remains in my "fleet".
  6. I haven't made that change, but I investigated it 2 years ago for a Jaguar XJS when I was contemplating new tires and had a hard time finding decent (and reasonably-priced) 15" tires to fit. I decided that 17" was probably my best choice because desirable 16" wheels and tires were becoming difficult to find. I did not go forward with that plan, I ended up buying 15" Kumho Ecsta LX tires (rode fine but I live in CA and they would not be a good choice for use in snow country). If I had made the swap in wheel size, my intention was to use one of these tires (not sure these would be a size I'
  7. It's tempting to say, yes it'll fit, but unfortunately its not that easy to tell you what will work, because offset also comes into play, Also, not all repro "Magnum 500" aftermarket wheels have the same exact measurements, nor do tires, which you will undoubtedly change. Your major issue will be clearance of the front wheels while in full/sharp turns and hitting bumps (fender and suspension clearance). Brake clearance is likely OK with the 4.125 backspace. Unless someone on this forum has installed the same wheels you are contemplating, you can probably only guesstimate by measuring your
  8. Can't answer the question of specs, 5x4 1/2 is correct, and 7" rims fit (Avanti originally probably used 6" rims), but I don't know the offset. Have you also talked to this vendor: https://www.truespoke.com/ I sold an '80 Avanti last year that had factory wire wheels; not show quality though, and wire wheels are extremely expensive to have refurbished. A problem I had with them was that I misplaced a lug nut and they took a very special one with a small hex head to allow a socket wrench to fit over them and also fit between the spokes (difficult to find). I can contact him to see if
  9. Have you looked here: https://www.cokertire.com/wheels.html?p=1 I think they get their wire wheels from Dayton: http://daytonwirewheels.com/catalogue.php
  10. I'm not certain, and I don't have an '83, but I looked through some of my photos. I'm attaching a photo of an '82 a friend of mine was considering purchasing some years back; my guess is that its the green(?) box just rearward of the right front corner of the engine compartment (but its also possible that's the headlight relay). If you can't trace the physical wires, a few simple tests with an ammeter should give the answer. There used to be some wiring info on later Avanti's on Bob Johnstone's website, but darned if I can find it on the website now; I did copy a few items from it..
  11. The column is a GM tilt column with a Chrysler key, and most GM cars from an extended period (about 1970 to 1987) used basically the same design (other car makers like Avanti and Chrysler bought their columns from GM). I believe the steering wheel bolt pattern is the GM 3-bolt pattern. I assume you intend getting an aftermarket steering wheel (MOMO, Nardi, etc) so you need a column adapter (of the spacer height you want) for that make of steering wheel, and a horn button, to bolt to a GM column of that era. Examples: https://www.carid.com/chrysler-steering-wheel-spacers-adapters/
  12. WayneC


    Trunk key??? Must mean glovebox key, I guess.
  13. Confused me.... I don't see it above, so where did the info about "NU-Relics" come from????
  14. I bought my '71 Avanti from the original owner in the late '70s. I wasn't crazy about the shade of brown the car was painted, but it was in beautiful condition with low miles. I nicknamed the color "baby s**t brown". Some years later the RF fender was slightly damaged while parked (hit & run), and when I took it to the repair shop they identified the color as being from a dirt-cheap Japanese economy car (can't remember which brand now, but the repair color matched exactly); I've no idea why the original buyer chose that color, but I guess it proves that Avanti Motors would paint them
  15. PM = private message. Click the envelope at the top right of the forum screen.
  16. Strangest "candy apple red" I've ever seen.
  17. Beautiful car.... if it were mine, I'd leave it as is.
  18. The book "Avanti" by Thomas Bonsall says that all Avanti II's had the Avanti II emblems until Blake bought Avanti Motors and started building cars in1983 and dropped the "II". I owned '66, '69, and '71 Avanti's and all had "Avanti" emblems on front and rear, with several missing the "II" emblems (but mounting holes remained.
  19. I've owned older Corvettes and Avanti's and I believe the wiper arms are the same type of design. The wiper arm slides onto a splined post/shaft and has a spring "tang" that keeps the arm firmly attached to the post. My recollection (haven't done it in some time) is that the easiest way to remove & reposition the wiper arm is to use an inexpensive special tool shown below; ensure the arms are parked, fit the tool in place, note the arm position, carefully squeeze the tool handle and the wiper arm together with one hand to release the spring "tang" lock, keep the hand pressure on the t
  20. Sounds like your master cylinder (M/C) has been leaking into the booster; brake fluid is incompatible with the booster diaphragm and will damage it. I use silicone brake fluid to avoid this sort of issue. If the M/C bore is not corroded you may be able to buy a kit to replace the seals, but chances are the bore is corroded and the cost of a new M/C is reasonable. Studebaker International lists the M/C at $96.50 + shipping & tax I think the closest replacement for the M/C is a Napa NMC-P1955 ($92 new, or $50 remanufactured + your old core) but you may have to use a pipe-thre
  21. Here are photos of the windshield washer fluid reservoir my friend bought at Nostalgic Motorcars
  22. Gene, thanks for reminding me, I need to update this thread. As I stated, I was asking the questions for a friend who recently purchased an '82 that was missing the reservoir. I had suggested some vendors for him to call and he was slow getting around to it.... he did find and purchase a reservoir from Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motorcars, for a fairly reasonable price considering the rarity. He said they do have more in stock. I have not personally seen his new reservoir, but he sounded pleased with it. I'll see if I can get photos to post here (he's not very tech-savvy, so I'm not sure he c
  23. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.....
  24. I can only answer generically, b/c I'm not sure which motor the 1983 Avanti used... Nostalgic Motorcars could probably answer that question: 248-349-4884 Here is an article on the original P/W setup, which was still used in my 1971 model; I know it was changed at some point https://studebaker-info.org/Tech/Pwin/rkorb/rkrobpwinrep.html The original motors were used on the cars below and can sometimes be found on eBay, but they're usually pricey. 1960 Ford/Lincoln part # C0LF-14553-A, or Bosch # M 05810. Ford station wagon tailgate window motor C0LF-14553-B may also w
  25. My only thought is that its not rocket science, the cable is apparently not fully seated/inserted at both ends (almost has to be the speedo end), or it is broken somewhere in between (unlikely since it worked before the cable was disconnected). It might be easiest to ask a shop to fit the cable from beneath, with the car on a lift, that is, remove the speedo cable at the tranny, push & turn the cable at that end until it seats into the speedometer, then re-insert/reconnect it at the transmission end.
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