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  1. Two Avanties are going to sold at RM's fall Auburn event. One is the Roger Ward prize car from the 62 Indianapolis 500 and the other is an real R3 it is the next to last Avanti built and I think the last one sold to the public. I know both cars and would say they are 2+ or better. I hope they do well.
  2. I used a thermostat mercury bulb that was small enough to slip down inside the harness so it can't be seen and left the original in place. From the outside looks original but works.
  3. Great job Lew, we're lucky to have such a good magazine for the club.
  4. R-5643 would be the most significant for me I think. It marked the end of an era. At the time the oldest US transportation company ceased domestic production and yet the product lived on for a couple more decades and is still an Icon.
  5. The switch isn't working and wondered if there was a fix. I have basic skills but was not sure how it came apart.
  6. Can an original mercury switch be repaired? The replacement in SI's catalog doesn't look like the original and though it may work I suspect I would gigged for it in authenticity judging.
  7. I'll say false. In the service manual there is no mention of this and the picture shows both positive and negative terminal to the up side equelly.
  8. I think RM made it clear this was not a production car or a prototype so I can't imagine what they were thinking.
  9. I was somewhat shocked to see the R2 sold at RM's Fort Lauderdale sale bring the money it did, $104,500.00 with the fee. It was a custom done by someone who installed a Targa Top on R-2833 "in the style of Raymond Loewy". It also had an aftermarket AC unit added where the surge tank would usually be though the interior work looks factory. Though the car look OK from a fast horse I think it is far from perfect, no pictures from underneath at all. I would have guessed this car to go for a lot less but it goes to show you never know with auctions.
  10. Peddler

    Avanti Gaskets!

    The left (p/n1558122) and right (p/n 1558123) intake manifold gaskets are different on the Supercharged engine where they are the same on the non supercharged. I think the exhaust are the same.
  11. Peddler

    Choked Avanti!

    Check out service letter J-1963-11, March 11, 1963, item 5 on the second page, this was to improve cold weather starting.
  12. Peddler

    Avanti Sounds!

    Option 67A was $154.50 for the AM FM radio in the 1964 model year.
  13. Peddler

    Auto Transport

    The best is always to move it yourself or pay a friend with a trailer to move it for you. I have tried almost all the carriers and they can all be bad or no problem, just the luck of the draw. At Amelia Island last Sunday there was a freshly restored Mercedes 540K from the 30's , probably a 2 million dollar car, with the right front fender mangled during its shipment to Florida. So it doesn't matter which line you use if they can tear up a car like that it can happen to you. Good Luck, that is a nice Concour.
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