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  1. While the engine is cranking that green wire delivers full battery voltage to the coil to boost voltage. The normal coil voltage is stepped down through a resistor so the points and coil last longer.
  2. Do you still have the Avanti tagged carb?  Is so I would be interested.  Thanks, Bill Clark, billclark7988@gmail.com

    1. adam



      The carb is promised to club member Leo (posting below). I will be shipping it out this week. Thanks, Adam

  3. R5642 was in Maryland but sold in 2019 I think at RM's fall Auburn Sale for $104,000. Here is the link. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/af19/auburn-fall/lots/r0320-1964-studebaker-avanti-r3/801227
  4. They are Radials designed to look like bias ply. Perhaps I said it inartfully but what I was trying to let you know that my Avanti drives great on the regular bias tires and there is very little improvement with the radial tire. The Avanti drive and handles very well with the bias plys better than any old car I have ever owned.
  5. I should note that my Avanti drives just as well with the Bias as the radials. better than any old car I have ever owned.
  6. Thanks, American Classic 6.70-R15.
  7. I like the WW with the hub caps but with the Halibrand Wheels I like the black walls. When I am show in AACA I use the ww bias and with the Halibrands I have bias look radials which I think looks better on my Avanti grey car,
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