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  1. Is there a photo of what that looked like?
  2. I agree with WayneC. I have had this happen on a brand X vehicle and became aware of it because of a hissing noise when actuating the brakes. The fluid leaking into the booster created an audible vacuum leak. Scott Griggs Louisville, KY
  3. 3) D'Arcy Agency Photos?
  4. I'm not sure hood clearance with the small block Chevy was the driving factor for eliminating the rake and changing the stance of the Avanti II. What I have read suggests Newman and Altman didn't like the nose-down attitude of the Studebaker Avanti and felt that it was unbecoming for a personal luxury car. I have seen enough Studebaker Avanti's sporting engine-swapped small block Chevies to think the hood clearance issue was not the real reason.
  5. It is well known that Newman and Altman didn’t like the original Studebaker Avanti rake and thought it was inappropriate for their hand-built Avanti II. Exactly what changes were made to the car to alter the stance? I have heard mention of a “spring spacer”, and that would raise the height of the front of the vehicle by changing the front suspension ride height at curb condition (increase jounce travel, reduce rebound travel). If the front Springs were unchanged from the Studebaker days and the engine weight was reduced, it would have a similar effect of increasing the front susp
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