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  1. MYSTERY SOLVED!...... We enlarged the e-bay photo at work today........It became quite obvious that this photo was 'doctored' by someone with the intention of making a '64 'square light' Avanti into a '63 'round light' version. (The reason someone would want to do this completely escapes me!!) Look closely at the round headlights...they seem to be out of proportion (larger) than normal....also check the irregular shape of the round headlight ring, especially the one on the right.... (passenger side). As I mentioned to Paul (r1lark) several months ago, I believe that this Avanti actually is a 'true' 1964 square light model!.............By the way, notice that there's some damage on the leading edge of the right fender and possibly damage to the right bumper end. As an aside, I still find it a bit humorous anyone "into Avantis" would think that there were TWO Sears-Studebaker Cross Country Avantis, or that the '64 'square headlight' fiberglass nose panel was replaced, (by Studebaker Corp.), with a 1963 'round headlight' nose panel! I want to make it clear that I was initially taken in by the altered e-bay Avanti photo and thought that I may be looking at a 19631/2 'transition model' Studebaker Avanti.....however, I now feel the correct answer to this trivia question is #4.....True '64 'square light'
  2. Gary, I know you're trying your hardest to be correct here, however, your statement................." all the runs were made by one Avanti, sometimes with square headlights and sometimes with round headlights" ????......THAT'S RICH!!!! If the Sears-Studebaker Avanti had front end body damage, does anyone out there really think that Studebaker Corporation would repair their latest 'square headlight' 1964 Avanti with a 1963 'round headlight' nose panel???????... NO WAY FOLKS!!! Correct answer to this trivia question, at least until more conclusive evidence is revealed, is still #3!
  3. After the driveshaft is removed, you should be able to access that seal from the rear of the 'X' frame member. (tight quarters though!) Make two small holes in the seal parallel with each other then, using an auto-body type slide hammer with a 1/8" sheet metal screw, screw the tool into the holes (alternating) until you work the old seal out....and then make sure that the new seal is driven into the extension housing 'squarely'!....Good luck!
  4. mfg

    Which brake fluid?

    Hi Dayla, I'd speak with the mechanic who overhauled the brakes on your '83 Avanti to get his thoughts on this....He should be able to tell you the type of fluid which was used. Although Avanti Motors specified silicone brake fluid for their '83's, I have found (and this is only my opinion) that silicone (Dot 5) brake fluid is somewhat problematic......I use Dot 3 brake fluid in all my Studes, including my 'everyday driver' 1983 Avanti.....Best of luck!
  5. Gary, your post hypothesized the 'round light' Avanti in the e-bay photo only traveled east-west....I pointed out that it also traveled north and south!! I'm quite sure there was only ONE 'Sears- Studebaker' record setting Avanti. If you have any evidence that there were two (or more!) please post it. Otherwise, we may assume the Studebaker Avanti which was used in these record runs was most likely a '63 1/2 transition model. (Answer #3)
  6. I don't think so Gary....The Stude Avanti in the e-bay photo clearly has 'Mexico to Canada and Return' displayed on its front fenders! (Refer to e-bay auction # 163739775799)
  7. mfg

    Avanti Transport!

    And you are CORRECT!
  8. I'm fairly sure there was only ONE cross-country Sears-Studebaker record setting Avanti Gary.....The photo on e-bay (I believe) was taken at Bonneville after the record setting runs were over. To not confuse this issue, I'm referring to the Murphy/Neiland/Carroll Avanti.
  9. WOW!...I never expected such 'in depth' responses (which I think is great!!) This question re-entered my mind this morning when I was looking at some period Studebaker Avanti photos advertised on e-bay. One of the photos shows Andy Granatelli and some USAC officials at Bonneville standing beside the Sears-Studebaker Cross Country Avanti. The photo of this Avanti, (front view), clearly shows a 'round light' (1963) car, a supercharged model, and the supercharged emblem on the right front fender is clearly the 1964 'Supercharged Avanti' type, as opposed to the 1963 'supercharged' type fender emblem. This has led me to believe that the correct answer to this trivia question may be #3, 1963 transition model......Replies welcome!
  10. Your research makes sense...and since most all Avanti ll's were air conditioned, the weight over the front wheels is probably close to a non-A/C R1 Avanti!
  11. mfg

    Museum Reaches Out!

    Wow!..#37 sold for one million dollars (plus the additional buyers premium)....Too bad the SNM was outbid though!.....Sure hope this rare car will still be 'available' for the public, (us fans), to see!
  12. Just an opinion (as I do not have Avanti ll coil spring part numbers) but I believe a lighter duty front spring was used on Avanti ll's than on Stude Avantis.
  13. Robert Walker Auto Transport truck open car carriers were capable of leaving South Bend with up to ......?..... new Studebaker Avantis. 1) four........2) five......3) six or....4) seven
  14. The Studebaker Avanti used in the Sears-Studebaker Cross Country Tire Test was most likely a.......?...... 1) Normal Production1963......2) Prototype (EX).......3) 1963 Transition Model......or.....4) True 1964 (Square Light)
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