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  1. In 1957, all 289CI Studebaker V8s used the 'dished' pistons....and 'normal' 289s were advertised to have an 8.3-1 compression ratio......However, the supercharged Golden Hawks advertised compression ratio was 7.5-1...I believe (not 100% sure) that all the '57 289's used the thicker composite head gaskets from the factory, hence the compression change would have to be in the combustion chamber.
  2. If these are '57-'58 Studebaker Golden Hawk heads, they should be OK, as Golden Hawk's of that vintage had less compression than the other period Stude V8's....Since pistons were all the same, (dished), the compression change had to be in the heads....Suggest you use thick (composite) head gaskets with this setup.
  3. Very interesting!.... and Avanti Gray is a fairly rare factory color!
  4. mfg

    Tached Avanti!

    That's CORRECT Dwight!
  5. mfg

    Cold War Avanti!

    Close enough!....(actually.... Control of Electromagnetic Radiation)
  6. And answer #4 is CORRECT!
  7. mfg

    R3 Change!

    RIGHT!...Paxton added strapping to hold up headliner at speed!
  8. False is CORRECT!...and for the reason you state!
  9. mfg

    R3 Lark!

    And true would be CORRECT!
  10. mfg

    R3 Change!

    What change did Paxton engineering make to the headliner of the '64 Studebaker Daytona R3 road tested in the 1/64 edition of HOT ROD MAGAZINE?
  11. The difference between prototype and standard production Studebaker R3 tachometers is......?..... 1) Face colors......2) RPM reading.....3) Pointer.....or......4) No differences
  12. The alternators used on R2 & R3 Studebaker Avanti engines were the same......True?
  13. mfg

    R3 Lark!

    The Avanti R3 powered '64 Studebaker Daytona, which was road tested in the 1/64 HOT ROD MAGAZINE, was built on the very first full day of 1964 production.........True?
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