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  1. My 1983 has an extendable front on the seat part and is different from the 1980 as pictured.
  2. If you find a suitable Windshield Washer reservoir replacement let us know. It is not high on my must due list but it is on my nice to do list. I have been chasing issues and solutions for 5+ years and finding great satisfaction in the chase and solving each issue as they come up. In my case time and $$ are the limiting factors not the list of problems to address.
  3. I would like the vent cables. Send me details to get you the funds Bill Hanlon
  4. Looks like power lock rams.
  5. A Stant 10640 or 10491 available at Napa or Advance Auto works. I went through a trial and error search last June. Find a store who has it in stock and do a parking lot trial and error. They are not expensive $6-7 compared to all other parts on our cars. Bill Hanlon
  6. Thank you all for your input. I now have a new additional spring project that was not on the radar. From the above it seems to be addressable with some flat on your back “dirty” work. I will do the prep and will need to find a welder for the remainder. Again I appreciate all of your input. Bill
  7. After seeing pictures in replacing frame thread I crawled under and started tapping my heavily undercoated frame. At end behind rear wheel I found a soft spot. When I dug into it further about 13” of the bottom rail is gone. This is located in the box frame just before the rear shackle of the leaf spring. Will a plate welded over this provide enough structural support picture below. Thanks Bill
  8. Brad: thank you for your input. This will be a great winter project as the fan motor is shorted I will need to R & R the fan motor.
  9. I posted the same question below for my 83. I am still looking how to get to the fan unit. The following is how I got to where I am held up. Will need to remove sheet metal screws on the two side pieces covered with the rug. Then slide the metal trim up and may expose more screws. This will allow you to open the area. Hopefully someone will know how to proceed beyond this.
  10. I have been working on my 1983 for several years and this year I have it on the road. Now trying to make the ride more enjoyable and the wife is asking for Air Conditioning. I have traced the problem down to a dead short coming from the evaporator fan motor and the blades in the squirrel cage are frozen. Has any one ever attempted to replace the fan motor? Nothing in the repair manual on the subject just a diagram in the parts manual. 1) Can it be accomplished without removing the full evaporator assembly? It appears to be 6 screws holding the two fans in place on the bottom of the evaporator assembly. I will need to remove the seats to get at it from the back. 2) If you need to remove the full assembly any suggestions of best practice would be appreciated. Bill Hanlon
  11. Below is a a pdf from Dayton wire wheels assuming that is what is on the vehicle http://www.daytonwirewheels.com/pdf/installationinstructionsdaytonbolt.pdf I had a bad experience of not checking torque of the wheel where I took the vehicle out after a repair to the power steering control valve. I was going about 80- 90 mph and 3 lugs came off, one of the remainder was lose and the wheel was down to one lug. I felt the woble and thought I blew the seals. But when I looked the wheel was leaning. I learned my lesson the hard way. It took weeks to find replacement lugs.
  12. You could pick up an inch or two by mounting the seat further back on the rails. May require some drilling of the rails as I do not remember if additional holes are available. There is a firm that sells replacement rails for the Avanti with the Recaro seats. A search of web will find it. They seem to custom make them and a discussion with them would be worth while . https://wedgebrackets.com/seat-brackets-home/ Problem I would see in doing this is difficulty at getting to the rear mounting bolts of the seat as to the angle as the seat goes back further. As far as clearing the roll bar that could be another issue. Good luck. Bill
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