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  1. Yes use a long flat screwdriver. Look for a slot and turn.
  2. Dan Booth at Nostalgic has a multi page ad in the current issue of Avanti Magazine featuring replacement dash and gages.
  3. Bill Hanlon


    Check in with Bob Ziff at AvantiParts.biz. He has helped me with my 1983. Also Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motor Cars 248-349-4884.
  4. I do not have a dust cover on my 1983. Would be interested in a source. Always thought something was missing but low on my list of must do items.
  5. I sent the information on the Dana cruise control to Bob Johnstone who has posted it on his web site. https://studebaker-info.org/Tech/CruiseC/ESC/ESC.htmlBill Hanlon
  6. In 1983 it should be a Dana unit. I have a user guide for it. Has a parts list and instillation guidance. Send me a PM with name and address and I will mail you a copy. Bill Hanlon
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