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There's a product called "Bearin' Seal". While it's a not a true fix it will greatly help. The only true fix is to replace the rear main seal.

Years ago when I owned a '63 R1, it leaked oil badly. I tried a can of Bearin' Seal and while it didn't stop the leaks completely, I would say it reduced it by at least 75%.

What it does is make the seals expand to fill the gaps. It's not the best way to take care of it, but it does work. There are probably other brands on the market that do the same thing. Go to someplace like NAPA, Pep Boys, Auto Zone, etc. Any of them will probably carry a brand that will do it.

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Are you SURE its coming from the rear main seal and not the back

of the intake manifold? Many rear main seal leaks end up to be an

intake thats loose. Retorquing the intake might help, check all the

intake bolts to see if they are loose, it can also help idle.


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