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gadd zooks

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i want to replace my headlights, their has been some chat about putting in better ones, new and much brighter than stock. i have a 1963-1964 avanti with round high /low. but i found no listings for studebaker. i herd that any mustang 1972 will work. along with the newer light designs they recomend putting in a relay to carry the increase amp draw. any one done this?, and what type? B)

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You have several options. Most standard 7" round headlights sold today are Halogen and fit the same as the originals. You can also buy high internsity conversion headlights which are a 7" round headlight body with a replaceable H3 or H4 bulb. Once assembled they fit the same, but depending on the maker you may have to remove the rubber seal on the backside. The seal is to keep moisture out but since most Avanti's have glass enclosures with rubber seals protecting the headlights it shouldn't hurt anything to remove the seal.

There are a number of conversion kits available...Hella, Pilot Motorsports and Zoops among others. Summit Racing, Jeg's, JC Whitney carry them.

As far as how much power they draw compared to standard headlights, I don't have that answer. It may be insignificant.

You can always add driving lights like Avanti II's came equipped with. Driving lights are intended to be connected to the high beam switch so they run only with your high beams. They come with a wiring harness and relay and stay on a seperate circuit.

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