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availability of Studebaker/Avanti Automatic


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I think that "XXX" comments will be pretty much warranted. To change

a manual trans Avanti to an auto is truely a waste. I considered it myself

and I have the crappy T86!! I will be going with a T56. I am sure you

will be able to sell all the manual trans parts though, to make back some

of the investment. Honestly I wouldnt waste the money for a Powershift

trans, sure they are good transmissions, but the cost is going to be high,

and the benefits minor. I would consider a TH700R4 trans, and adapter

kit from one of the Vendors. You will be much happier with the results,

getting an INCREASE in mpg and an amazingly nice launch! Not too many

things you can do to a car to improve both MPG and performance. Get

a 1989 to 1993 700 or 4L60 trans, install a Corvette servo from Sonnax

and tool on down the road. I fought the temptation to use the kit I had to

swap out the T86, but decided, for me, having a manual around is fun! ;)


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You referring to the T56 trans or the TH700R4?

I will assume you mean the T56 (since its a manual), no it doesnt seem as

though anyone has installed a T56 into a Studebaker power Avanti. There

is a bellhousing being sold right now that allows the use of a T5 or TKO600

manual trans though. I bought the complete T56 from a 1997 Camaro, and

will be doing whatever I need to use it. Damn the torpedos I am going in! ;)

(much like the Cobra brakes).

As for the TH700R4, there are a couple guys on this forum that have done

that install successfully - I installed one in a '60 Hawk. My dad put one in

his '69 Avanti, though thats a GM powered Avanti II.


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I had a 700R4 installed in my '70, but as you said...that's a GM powered car. You can buy a really high quality bell housing adapter to use a GM transmission in a Stude powered Avanti from Jon Myers. They're aluminum and a really nice piece...well engineered and fabricated.

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I have never seen the Jon Myer piece, but I used the original one designed

by Dave Levesque at SteelTech. It worked well, though I made a couple of

improvements during the install. Side note, I contacted Myers about getting

a T56 install kit available, for some reason they didnt see the need to create

a kit for the THE MOST popular manual trans on the market ... hmmmm. :rolleyes:


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tom, i was thinking of the th700. i have and automatic and do not like the launch start in 2nd gear :o , the overdrive automatic seemed to be the best of all worlds performance and mpg for its future. but i was conserend about the stick shift can i use the stock or does it have to be totally different. B)

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I am pretty sure that I have read about some modifying the stock auto

shifter to use with the extra gear, and if memory serves the mid 83 and

later Avanti II used a 700R4 and would have an altered indicator. I used

a B&M shifter in the Hawk, but that was a column shift car. My dad had

the shifter modified in his car, but I dont know what they did.


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With the 700R4 you do need a new shifter indicator dial and new indicator housing...the indicator won't work with the original. The original shifter can be re-used. The parts are available from Nostalgia Motors.

The linkages will have to be changed and a different setup for the neutral safety swtich and backup light switch will need to be fabricated. There's not enough clearance for the originals...at least that's how it went on my car.

You'll also need a new driveshaft. For mine I went for an aluminum unit to reduce rotating mass.

My car also did not require any modifications to the floorpan's transmission tunnel for the conversion, though some people say they found it necessary.

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