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Cancun Factory Boarded Up


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Let's hope it is just temporary. The factory opened with such fanfare last Fall and now it's boarded up? It certainly doesn't look good.

I like to be an optimistic person, but Avanti Motors has been less than forthcoming with information since it reformed several years ago. We usually find things out way after the fact...after rumors and misinformation go flying about. A lot of this could be avoided if the factory would simply issue regular updates to their website or the AOAI. They don't even keep their website current or even complete...something is forever under construction.

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The government's response below (2-16-2007) includes detail on the overwhelming case against Kelly. Kelly claims that he only makes $55,000 a year and has meager $48,000 in assets. The government response includes the fact all of Kelly's assets are outside the US and he would have no incentive to remain in the US if let out on bail. Kelly is a citizen of the US, Mexico and possibly Belize which could make extradition difficult or impossible if he were to flee. If convicted of all of the current charges he will face 53 years in jail which is effectively a life sentence. Exhibit 3 of the response includes compelling testimony from the victims of Michael Kelly. They describe the financial difficulties they have faced while Kelly lived a life of luxury on their money.

I don't think things look good for "Mikie." I met him once -- he was a real fan of the Avanti. It's a shame!

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