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Correct color of metal front arm rest insert plates?

Pete Rutledge

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Can anyone tell me the proper finish on the front arm rest metal insert plates? These plates are Studebaker part number 1347729 and they are each retained by two screws in the bottom of the hand-hold on the top of the arm rest. I just received NOS plates and they are silver colored. I have a black interior. Should they be left silver, painted black, covered with black vinyl? Should the retaining screws be chrome or black?

Going to the York, PA, swap meet tomorrow and really looking forward to it.



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When I had my '63, that plate was natural metal. I don't know if it's supposed to be colored-keyed or not. It didn't look like it ever had any color finish on it. If I remember, the screws were natural finish as well.

I'll be at York tomorrow as well. I guess we can look at any Avanti's there and get a sure answer to your question.

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