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1988 Avanti Convertible frame assembly


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I have a 1988 Avanti Convertible.  It has no convertible frame.  I have read in a previous post that the frame is the same as a Chrysler LeBaron convertible.

Can anyone confirm what year Chrysler Lebaron convertible frame will fit the 1988 Avanti Convertible?

Will it bolt right in?


Glenn L.

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The Avanti convertibles from 1987 to 1991 are unique and not the same as any other car.   The factory originally tried to adapt a Chevy Cavalier convertible top, but discovered that this would not work.   

Avanti Motors, at the time had the top material and mechanisms made by Dura Convertible Systems, a business unit of Collins & Aikman, Inc.   In 2007, Collins & Aikman, and all of its holdings were liquidated in bankruptcy. Dura Convertible Systems was closed as an operating business, and its assets sold off at auction.   Now, as to Dura's  Avanti activities, they were never "regular" business for Avanti. The Avanti engineer that designed the system administered everything about Avanti as an advanced engineering project with Dura, and had prototype suppliers make or assemble all things.  The patterns wound up in the hands of Lewis Vinyl Trim in Adrian, Mi. The owner does custom trim work on convertible tops, seats, carpets, door panels, etc.  At one point, Avanti was supplied by Robbins Auto Tops in Oxnard, CA [ https://www.robbinsautotopco.com ], a large highly reputable after market convertible top supplier, with an '88 pattern. They don't list Avanti on their website, but may still have the pattern, as they seldom  destroy a pattern, which may help you with the top material and pads, but not necessarily with the  frame and bows. Anyway, I hope that helps a little.

There is also a company in Florida that can make the top material for you, I'll have to look up the name later.  But you still need the top and bows.  

If I may ask, what happened to the frame and bows? 


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