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'64 Windshield Wiper Actuator Arm Problem


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I posted this before but maybe the title of wiper problems led people to believe it was the wipers themselves I couldn't fix. Its the actuator arms under the dash. I took my Avanti apart years ago to be painted, before I had a digital camera! All I have are scrawled drawings, and none of the windshield wiper motor. Installed the motor from the engine side, secured it with washers and nuts. Following the Manual, ran the motor, turned it off and it returned to Home. So when I went to attach the long arm and, as you’ll see in photo 1, the motor attachment piece has horizontal grooves in the home position. But the long connecting arm doesn't exactly match the horizontal  position of the motor with the wipers themselves in the down position. It's too far to the left. I tried connecting the long connection arm in several positions (photo 5), even resorting to turning the motor click by click to change the position and also moving the wipers themselves to different positions to be able to connect the arm. The closest I got to having them work was once when, wipers starting halfway up the windshield, they returned home, stopped, a click and quit. What have I don’t wrong – what am I missing? 





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Another member messaged me - it turns out I am not so swift. Installed WW motor, then mounted wipers. Guess what? Ya gotta run the mechanism to Home before placing the wipers. What I was experiencing was motor working against wiper position. Took wipers off, properly attached long arm under dash, all went well. THEN you put the actual wipers on their shafts. I confess to being an amateur at age 71.

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