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Power window switches?


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Here's something I came across during a Google search today:


My notes say Avanti uses the 55-57 T-bird switches (dunno where I got that info), and the website above carries housings, switches, and retainers.

Does anyone have different info? If so, it would be nice if you could post that information for others to see.

power window switch 1.jpg

power window switch 2.jpg

57 window switch.jpg

dbl switch backing plate.jpg

switch plate.jpg

power window switch bezel.jpg

bezel gasket (single).jpg

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Great information for someone looking to replace the early' Studebaker type' power window switches in their Studebaker Avanti or early Avanti ll.....As far as I know, the only major difference are the Ford buttons being black, while the Stude ones are white.

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