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LA Auto Show


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It would have been interesting if Bill Mitchell and the Cancun team could have shown the new 2007 Avanti at this show. Hopefully, some needed worldwide press will help the Avanti cause and get the interest generated that the company is still building and selling the Big A.

Happy Holidays to all,

Jerry - Owner 1978 Avanti II RQB2772

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I wonder how Avanti can grow with as little advertising as it does. Word of mouth and customers in the relatively small Avanti enthusiasts community will only sell a limited amount of cars. They did the Chicago Auto Show a couple of times, I'm sure a great cost; They've had a presence at Avanti and Studebaker shows; they have a website, which does not have photos of the current '06/'07 model; and they show up occasionally in the Avanti Magazine, but that's all that I know of.

As national TV ads are untouchable from a cost stand point, an ad in a saiboat, airplane, golfing, or even a Mustang enthusiast related magazine might help them to reach their targeted demographic. Under earlier management teams, I think Avanti advertised in Architectural Digest, a magazine for interior designers, but more importantly, a magazine architects and interior designers often show and lend to their well heeled clients.

I hope they decide to go to the Chicago or Detroit Auto Shows or consider print advertising. I think the car is great and I want to see it succeed.

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I wholeheartedly agree. I know advertising is expensive, and Avanti's would have to be targeted to specific audiences...but if you don't let people know you're out there and available they can't even consider your product for purchase.

More times than I can count when driving my '02 people have said they had no idea Avanti was still in business and producing cars. One guy even told me seeing my car made his day just to know they're still out there.

That doesn't necessarily mean these same people would buy one, but if you don't let the world know you're out there, there's no chance anyone will consider your product. It's Mike Kelly's company, and if he's happy with sales as they are, that's fine. It's his money and his call.

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What happened to the updated avantimotors.com site?

It was online for a while when Avanti disappeared from Georgia. Now Avanti is back up and running in Mexico yet the new site is nowhere to be found. At least they could start with the website which is probably the lowest cost of all advertising mediums.

One could hope they would show the car in Houston, which isnt that far from cancun (If they need someone to drive a car up from Cancun, I'll do it!) Although Houston doesnt have an avanti dealership (but we do have lotus, lamborghini, ferrari, bently) and if those arent limited production cars, I dont know what is.....

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