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SILVER Dana 44 axle/differential


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SILVER Dana 44 axle/differential

Got the "Differential Rebuilding" DVD from www.technicalvideos.com. Great DVD, it had normal and Trac-Lock Dana 44. Came to two conclusions:

1. I can do this... and

2. I do not wish to get all that equipment/meters et.al. for one time rebuild.

Good investment, I now know the jargon, the methods, and the tricks. I found a drive train expert locally and found that he does it for about the same price as I could with buying the parts, consumables, tools and meters.

Here is my question:

ALL the differentials/axles in the DVD are painted SILVER!

What is the standard for Avanti? I thought it was black, did Studebaker repaing the standard Silver axles Black?

Is there anything wrong with painting my axle Silver?


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I have scraped a Dana axle down and repainted it, never saw any silver. I dont

see any reason you would want it silver, since its going to get dirty, and the light

color will show all the grime. I would paint it a flat or semi-flat black.


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