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Buying An Avanti


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I am thinking of purchasing a '64 R2, and am interested in what a fare price for the car is (the owner passed away and I want to be fair to the heirs...but not too fair). The car has been restored to very nice condition. Also, what are the challenges of owning this car? Do they require a lot of TLC? Are parts easy to come by? Are mechanics hard to find? Any advice would help me decide of this is the car for me.


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A fair price is one that both the seller and buyer walk away feeling good about.

I have seen fixers for about 8000, and heard of some nice ones going on Ebay

for in the 20k range. I remember a friend of mine who had a 68 Mustang GT500

Cobra told me (in regards to value) - "its only worth as much as someone will

pay for it". That sums it up nicely.

Challenges are the same as any older vehicle, the parts availablity is somewhat

better then most, though some feel the cost is too high. It all depends on your

own personal opinion. Go to Studebaker International, and check out some of

the sections of their catalog for price ideas.


Scroll to the bottom for PDFs of their catalog:


A good mechanic is hard to find, doesnt matter if its a Ferrari, a Toyota Camry,

or a 64 Studebaker Avanti. ;)


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