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Tire Changing Tool Storage


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The new P215x70Rx15 spare tire left no room in the well for the tire changing tools. Also it stuck up about an inch above the trunk floor.

First, I made a new spare tire cover out of 1/4" plywood. Secured it with a long battery hold down J-bolt. Welded a washer on the body bolt at the bottom of the spare well and hooked the J-bolt through it. A 6" metal dish was drilled and attached to a hole in the cover. The J-bolt protrudes and a wing nut is used to tighten the whole thing down. I painted the inside black and covered the outside with some indoor-outdoor carpet. Now, the spare tire is secured in the well. I made a new cover as I did not want to modify the original cover in case a future caretaker wants to go back to stock.

Next, what to do with the loose tools? After thinking about different ways to secure the tools (jack, handle, and wrench), I found a heavy duty fabric bag at The Container Store. It is about 28" long, 10" wide, and 8" high. It has a zipper opening on three sides and handles on each end. Cost was about $15. It is all fabric and flexible. I then made a base for the bag out of some scrap plywood from the cover job. This wood base better supports the heavy tools and keeps the bottom straight. Finally, got some heavy duty VELCRO and fastened four grippy pieces to the bottom of the bag. The VELCRO grabs the short pile carpeting and keeps the bag from moving around. Now the tools, with room for other stuff, are secure, easy to get to, and take up very little room.

Overall, I am happy with this solution to securing the tire and tools. I would attach a photo of the bag, but the files size for attachments here is too small for my use.



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Sounds like a good solution for you. The skinny tires in general use back when the Avanti was designed made for a spare tire well that was not at all suited to storing wider tires and rims now in use. If Avanti Motors wanted to have the body molds changed for wider tires it would also have meant engineering a new tubular crossmember as well...so it was never done with the original body/frame design.

I solved the problem in my '70 by obtaining a space-saver spare with the correct bolt circle. Not only does it fit neatly it also has room to spare for other items.

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