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Looking for a certain '64 Avanti


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I am inquiring on the status of a specific Avanti. It is a 1964 Studebaker. It was a dark red exterior and black interior. R-1. Its serial number was likely in the mid R5100's. I have reason to believe it was one of the 10 Allstate cars that the insurance company used in an essay contest.

This specific car was owned by my relatives in the early 1970's. It was unfortunately vandalized at that time (it was attacked with hammers and a gun). I think that most of the damage was cosmetic.

It is likely that the car is no longer with us. It may have been scrapped or parted out. However, there is a slight chance that it may still be among us. Hence my post and inquiry.

If you know of anyone who knew about or acquired a '64 Avanti in the early to mid-1970's that had considerable cosmetic damage to it, please let me know. At the very least, I would likely to know more about this car. I may even want to acquire it.

Please feel free in replying to this post or emailing me directly. Thank you in advance!

Ted Andrews

Indiana Chapter President - AOAI

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You can look at the AOAI roster...it does list cars listed by most current members by serial number. That might help narrow things down some. Bob Johnstone's Avanti registration site could be of help as well...and most cars listed there have photos posted.

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UPDATE: I found out that the serial number of this car is R-5148.

If any of you know the whereabouts of this car, please reply or send my a private message. Thanks in advance!

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