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R1 carb (fiber) spacer to reduce heat transfer


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...suppose everyone wants what I want!

A "water cooler discussion" once upon a time suggested using a 3/4-inch plywood cutout.

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Has anyone tried using a fiber spacer under the 4V carb to reduce heat transfer? If so, sourced where? Tnx, Bill

Check out the Edelbrock website. They have a phenolic spacer that I have used on my R1 , but under a Edelbrock carb. I "think" it should work under your carb, assuming it is an original. In actuality , I used 1 1/2 of these spacers plus or minus. I cut the second one down on a milling machine, and glued the two together. To check your air cleaner to hood clearance, as you raise the carb, put a ball of Silly Putty on the front of the air cleaner and carefully close to hood. The putty will tell you the clearance you have to work with.

The other thing you might consider doing is pulling the intake manifold and plug up the heater tubes that heat the carb. Then get a set of intake manifold gaskets w/o the center opening, and put it back together. Yes it will take longer to warm up, but it is a trade off, for the fuel not being boiled away...........maybe. The addition of an electric fuel pump will also help, assuming that your question is based on vapor lock or the gas boiling out of the bowls.

Hope this helped.


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