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Ready... Set... Almost!!

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I've been waiting almost 10 years to pull the old girl out of storage and get her back on the road. 6 months ago I saw a window of opportunity, and struck while the iron was hot!! Onto the flatbed.. and off she went. The 289 went one way, the FOM went the other.

I lost all control. The chrome was at the plater, and my wife was starting to notice. I was no longer under the radar! And it was too late to abort the mission. So as not to attract any more attention than necessary, I've had to reel it in a bit. And a good thing too, I keep finding myself thinking how much easier things would be if I just took off the body. NO!!! If the wife could only appreciate the sacrifices I make in order to stay married to her.

So here I wait, the fresh R1 and tranny have both been promised by the end of the week. The engine compartment has been detailed and sits... Saturday with any luck is D-day. And if all goes well, maybe, just maybe, I might hear ol' R1388 rumble with a healthy tone that she hasn't had since parked in '74.


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Good luck with getting 1388 back together and running. Hopefully, running away from the Mary K Pink "Chickstang" its parked next to in the pix.

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Where are you located?

I have many Avanti parts but I am having health problems , so if you are close to Joliet Il.60432

you can come over and pick parts up.

I can not ship parts anymore.

I have a good friend that comes over to find parts and maybe in the future I get better enough to

actively sell and ship.

Robert Kapteyn


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So Saturday came and went with less progress than hoped for. The engine was supposed to have been completely rebuilt and assembled from manifolds to pan... At least that was the original deal back 6 months ago. The shop stopped at an assembled long block and gave me a pile of greasy, rusty parts to go with it. Less than amused, I was happy that they weren't in control anymore. After a day of cleaning, blasting, painting, and assembling I finally have the motor assembled and ready to couple to the tranny.

The one hiccup is the oil pump. SI says they won't ship me a rebuilt oil pump until they receive a rebuildable core first?! I don't feel my pump is rebuildable. The drive gear shaft and bore are quite worn and as a result the pump housing is wallowed out .010" on one side.

I can bore and bush the shaft bore, but that doesn't solve the worn housing problem. How much wear is too much? Is there a NEW pump available? NOS?

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First, I too understand the wife noticing.............my 64R2 was hit twice after a restoration and then Hurricane Sandy......oh well. Regarding the pump, I have great success with Dave thibeault from Studebaker parts & service, 978-897-3158 or studedave@aol.com His wife is Janet and nice to speak with. Good luck, offer your wife a manicure and pedicure , that often helps...........................................a very little.


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So after several phone calls to our Stude gurus, I have been led to the conclusion that the oil pump is a common "thorn in the side" of many a Stude owner.

As I wait for the new gear set to arrive, I will be making a new oversize shaft for the drive gear, reaming the housing to match, and brazing up and re machining the housing bore.

So wish me luck. And if you are reading this post and have a spare 289 oil pump laying around... and you are willing to part with it, I may need a plan "B" housing.

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