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WTB Original Wheels


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I'm restoring a 63 R1 that had some very old radial tires that I what to replace with the original bias 6.70 x15 ( I know, I'm giving up performance but I want original). Of the five wheels I have, they are 4 different sizes. Does anyone have a set of original wheels for sale. What are the correct specs, wheel width, backspace (offset).


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I thought the raised rib was only used on the 1963 cars with 4 1/2" with disk brakes such as Hawks and Larks

with disk brakes.Did Avanti 5" wide rims have the raised ribs also?

I know that Studebaker redesigned the rims for1964 so that the same rims were used on the disk and no disk cars.

Did the late 1966 cars use 5" wide rims and were they Avanti rims?

Any experts on Studebaker wheel rims out there?

My 1956 President Classic has 5" rims and so do the 1956 Golden Hawks but the design is different.

Robert Kapteyn

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The raised rib wheels were only used on disc brake equipped cars be it Avanti, Gran Tourismo or Lark series. They will fit on non disc brake cars but not vice versa. The 56's and some 57's used 5 inch wide,but during the great down turn of 58 the wheel width was narrowed down to only the 4 1/2 inch width. Also in 58 14 inch wheels were standard but 15 inch were available as an option. Lou Cote

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