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Steering column


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Need a steering column. Original 63-64 would be great but will take anything.

Going into a 71 4-speed but not planning on connecting for steering lock. Current tilt column has been partially dissasembled and likely missing parts including ignition key assembly.

Will be mated with Nardi wheel from Avanti II. Don't know if 63-64 is compatable with 71 wheel mounting, does anyone have info on this?

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Ron.........I have some of what you need. I'll assume you have a parts book. I have the basic column 1556004 , I have the upper steering post jacket trim

1555999 and I have part # 1555971, the shaft that goes in the column. All are in good used shape. I also have the upper steering post jacket from a '64 Commander, looks like part # 1556033 could be the same as an Avanti.

Let me know if you are interested

John 502 773 05 Nine Two

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