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Electric Fan in a 63


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One point which has not been discussed is most current generation engines with electric fans are all or mostly aluminum and were designed with much smaller coolant capacities than old iron lump Studes. A modern Chev, Lexus or Ford V8 of the same displacement usually carries half the coolant. Finite element analysis and extensive testing over the past 50 years mean several orders of magnitude of improvement in efficiency and operating temperature control.

Bottom line, on my current Packard V8 project, which is very similar to Stude, just a bigger iron lump, I am using both an electric fan and an electric water pump, both managed by a temperature sensitive DC variable speed controller.

thnx, jv.

Don't forget that modern engines also run hotter by design and coolant and its concentration are more important. I like to use an additive like Nalcool 3000 in my coolant, its mostly for diesels but works wonders in gas engines also. I've been looking into a DC variable speed controller, have you had good luck with it?


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