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13" Cobra brake project back on track


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Well, I finally got my tax refund, and I sold a 97 Camaro axle I have had

in the garage for a few years, so I made the order last night. Hopefully

they will be here next week sometime. This is what I got for $626 bucks

including tax/shipping:

I decided to go with the all aluminum Mach 1 calipers, they are identical to

the Cobra, but have no markings (price includes pads). Set : $179


Since I am giving the whole GT front setup to my dad, I needed two new

brake lines, these are as cheap as stock rubber. They are stainless steel

braided hoses with teflon inners, and have the correct bolts. Set : $60


For use with the "Cobra" calipers, I needed 13" rotors, I decided to get the

most impressive looking, so there would be no doubt that these are some

awesome brakes. Here is the latest technology/style, zinc plated & cross

drilled with slots. The zinc plating keeps the surfaces that the pads do not

touch from getting all rusty looking. Set : $170


The reason I got this GT brake setup for free was that the rotors were a

bit scored, which includes the rear rotors. Wanted rotors that matched on

the rear, I went with the same design/style rear rotors (zinc). Set : $125


Plan is to go out to a rarely used stretch of road this weekend & mark off

a section for some 60-0 stops with the GT setup before I upgrade. That

will give me some numbers I can post. I dont expect it to be much, if any,

better then the factory setup when it was new, if memory serves an Avanti

stopped in 139 feet from 60 back in 63?? Anyone have those results? The

main improvement the GT brakes would have is repeatability. Not sure

what to expect from the Cobra brakes, I figure that without anti-lock, it is

going to have a point where the tires will just lock up. I am curious of how

it turns out, but this is still less $ then if I bought even the cheaper Turner

front & rear disc kits. It also fills my 17" wheels, which is what I wanted. I

also found a local CNC machinst that wants to make brackets, his bid was

the best so far, but he hasnt replied back to my Email - keep yah posted!



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  • 2 weeks later...

look what came from UPS today!!





And my braided stainless steel hoses!!


The rotors are being shipping tomorrow, & MIGHT be here by the weekend

but chances are early next week.


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The rotors came friday night, a welcome surprise. I havent checked the

hub clearance with the set of unmodified hubs yet, too many other things

in 'normal' life get in the way. But I took some pics this evening.

Judging from THESE pictures .. can anyone guess what ELSE I bought this

past week? Friday night to be exact. The hint is its not IN the pictures. :wink:

Front rotors :



Rear rotor :


Front and rear rotor :


PBR Caliper on front rotor :



A little comparison between the factory rotor and the Cobra rotor :



Opening the boxes made me say "oooooooo , aaaaaahhhh" kinda like you

hear when people are watching fireworks. With the zinc plating, they dont

have that gooey grease on them to keep the rust off like the Autozone GT

Mustang rotors I bought.


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All that bright work should look good with behind those rims. :D

You betcha! It will also set it apart from other Avantis, making it clear

that these brakes are different. ;)B)


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Tonight when I got home from work, I finally brought the two front drums

into the garage and pressed the hubs out. I cleaned one of the hubs up a

bit and then the moment of truth - will it fit inside the Cobra rotor without

any modifications?! The answer?? YES!!! :lol::P:D :wink:

Here are the pictures to prove it ...

Stock hub, just removed from drum :



Sittin on the edge of the Cobra disc, thank goodness that ugly rusty thing

is covered up by the sexy Cobra rotor!



You can see ... NOT modified :D


SUCCESS!!! The assumption was correct ... wheeeeeeew!


Dead on from above :


Little off to the side :


Fits perfect ... couldnt ask for more!


Closeup to show the rusty untouched surface, plenty of room!


Thats a big load off my mind. Now to order the longer wheel studs, drill

my holes for the inference fit for the knurls. Then to drill the holes in the

rotor to the next SAE size from the stock metric. There is an option here,

you could have each stud turned to fit the rotor, but I would rather drill

the rotor holes a little larger, it goes MUCH quicker! :wink:


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