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Antenna switch wiring... switch confusion

Ron Dame

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I have the wiring diagrams (such as they are) for my 1980 and want to reinstall my antenna switch after finding a functional mismatch between the antenna wire on my new headset and the antenna.

The problem is that the pin-out on the switch is 3 x 3, and the diagram makes no distinction to how the wires are oriented, so there are four possible combinations. I'ce already blown two fuses trying to figure it out and am down to my last one.

Pin numbers on the switch are faint, but legible. Can anyone help me figure out which wore fits where?


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That second diagram is what I needed. I had the first. I'll still need to use a VOM to figure out which tab is which, but with that, I can do it.

Thank you!

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Yeah, OK, I thought I was smart enough to figure it out with the above diagrams and a VOM, but I'm not.

can anyone take a picture please or maybe makeĀ  a crayon drawing?


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