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1981 Avanti II Radiator Overflow Kit installation


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I’m attempting to return my 1981 Avanti II cooling system to original. It currently has two radiator caps. One is in a tee in the top radiator hose and one is on the radiator. It also has an overflow container mounted radiator support to the right of the radiator.

My thought is to have a 13lb cap in the radiator and eliminate the one incorporated into the upper radiator hose assembly. Am I on the right track, or did Avanti Motors include two (2) radiator caps in the Cooling system?

I also purchased a new radiator overflow kit from SI to replace the old one. 

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I believe your radiator may have been replaced at some point. The stock system has one cap in the T-fitting between the two upper radiator hoses, and no cap on the radiator itself.

If your current radiator is in good shape and you want to keep it installed, then I believe your idea to eliminate the filler cap in the upper hose will work, The only downside I see is that it will be more difficult to fill the radiator -  the cap on the radiator will be pretty far forward and the hood may be in the way. I guess you could use a long funnel. You might also need to jack the front of the car up when filling the radiator so that the filler neck is at the highest point in the system, otherwise air will be trapped. 

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