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HELP: Hood stuck on 1988 Avanti


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I recently purchased a 1988 Avanti convertible and now the hood won't open. The passenger side is free (and I also found a small auxiliary release cable in the passenger wheel well) but unfortunately the drivers side is stuck and I couldn't find the auxiliary release. I studied the opening mechanism and tried to manipulate the top blue wire (towards the firewall) by slipping my hand into the partially open hood and pulling at the yellow (that leads over to the drivers side latch), but was unsuccessful. I'm thinking the blue wire may have become detached from the mechanism given the slack in the wire.

Any suggestions on how to proceed? Photos of the latching mechanisms on both sides would be appreciated as well. The vehicle doesn't have significant corrosion and I don't believe it is rusted solid or anything. Thanks in advance!


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If the driver side is not up at all try pounding on the corner of the hood by the driver side with a closed fist going down - it may pop open.

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