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New guy, but didn't buy


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Hi everyone. Well, I was "supposed" to buy this car, then I saw it up close and personal. It was a "money-pit". First, the entire car was not as advertised and what I was told was Horse-hockey. I'll go over some of the "low-lights".

It was clear it spent sometime outside, un-sheltered. Almost all chrome was pitted or starting to pit. Even the inside Ashtrays were rusty. The rear glass gasket and Chrome surround were toast. Has a Gash in the rear flank. Mirrors, Windshield chrome surround, turn signal chrome, Vent window trim and Bumper were pitted. He said It was repainted in 2016. I asked what the paint code was and he couldn't even provide that. The paint was peeling around the head lights. Looked like a "Maaco" job. All Orange-peel. The Moonroof was sealed shut using Silicone and one side of the Moonroof was collapsed. He tried to tell me that the "Cow-catcher" bumper was a "rare" option.....I laughed and then told him about all the research and self-education I've done, then pulled out the build sheet that Dan sent me. I could see the look of "Oh S**t" come over his face. 

The entire interior needed to be replaced, i.e. EVERYTHING! You could smell the moisture. He tried to tell me "well, it is a 41 year old car". I came back "Yeah well, I own a 1968 Pickup that I bought in 2003 and it was 35 years old then and it was in 10-times better shape than this". 

It was a complete mess. I'm not looking to get into a complete resto. Sad too, looked great in the photos. 

Oh well, the hunt continues. 


avanti damage.jpg

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