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63 Advice Needed


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Hi all,

I'm new on the forum and thought this would be the best place to start before thinking about eBay etc. My Dad passed away going on 10 years ago now, and my mom is ready to move on, I'm sure you all can guess what that means... its time to sell his '63. That being said, I can tell you all what I know, and if there is any interest here

that would be fantastic, I'd rather see it off to someone who appreciates the car rather than someone looking for a 'deal' on eBay.

The car is 63R-2483 R1 with a 4 speed. Mileage is 69009. Gold. He purchased it the early 1990's. It has been parked in the garage, not a barn, covered for the last ten years. I tried to start it up two weeks ago, it had gas in it, therefore I bypassed the tank

and used a gas can with fresh gas. It turned over but would not actaully fire up. It looks as though the fuel pump itself might be all gummed up as it did not pull any fuel from my gas can.

I was unable to push it out of the garage to photograph it, (it is REALLY heavy, and I was alone), but I took a ton of photos which can be viewed at:

The car is located in Connecticut, just outside of Hartford, while I am in NJ. I'm happy to answer any questions I can, and I am hoping for some kind advice on pricing and/or a sale right here on the forum. If you're looking for a really nice '63 that just needs some fuel system work, as far as I know, then this is the one for you.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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This looks like a decent Avanti with a couple desirable options. It is very difficult to give a value based on a non-running status and unknown history of it earlier in it's life. It will need a complete restoration to make it a show car. Probably the best thing is to put it on ebay as is or to get it running and useable which could be costly. It does appear to be a very good starting point for a nice car.


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Looks like a nice original car. If you have repair papers or anything that documents the mileage -- that's a plus. I would advertise it in Avanti Magazine. Contact Lew Schucart at editor@aoai.org. If it were me, I would spend the money to get it running. Otherwise, you will get low-balled on the price.

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