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I plan on driving one of the Avantis to South Bend for the International. About a 1200 mile trip one way. I will need new tires. I have been using BFG 205/75R15 on Magnum 500 wheels. Tires in that size seem to be hard to come by. I found American Classic radials from Coker in 670R15 that look pretty good albeit a bit pricey. The good thing about these is that they will fit the stock wheels as well as the spare tire well. The 205/75 do not.

Any source for 205/75 or other recommended size? I would like to use some stock looking wheels instead of the Magnums.

Open to suggestions.

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Bit the bullet and ordered the Coker 670R15s. Unfortunately, they are backordered.  Hope to get them in time.


Now to find some wheels.  I have about a dozen 63/64 Avanti wheels. Hopefully, I can find 5 good ones. Otherwise, I do have a 78 Avanti parts car and could use those wheels.  If all else fails, I hope to be able to purchase new.

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