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  1. The vents are open. The main reason I installed the Dyna Mat was because no air was coming thru the vents. The vents on my 51 Commander and 62 Champ really help on a hot day.
  2. I installed Dyna Mat from the top of the fire wall too back under the front seats up the kick panels and the console. What a difference, I'm no longer driving around in an oven.
  3. My 1963 R4499 air vents operate properly but no air comes thru them when moving. My question is where is the air intake and what could be blocking them?
  4. Same thing happened to me. I tried to trim them but made more of a mess.
  5. A while back I was asking about one of my wheel covers on my 63 and couldn't find an answer to why it had two valve stem holes. I even asked Fred Fox, I figured if anybody would know he would but he had no idea. The other day I was talking with Andy Beckman and he explained the the company that manufactured the in Michigan had a machine malfunction and it punched two holes. He said Studebaker sent them back and they were later sold as surplus in the later 60's.
  6. I found someone to install my seat covers. After he talked about steaming and stretching I'm glad I won't be attempting it myself.
  7. Kodjo, A guy fairly local had a set of regal black seat covers that he had ordered years ago and never installed. 64studeavanti, I'll have to visit some upholstery shops and see where I can get said staple gun. Thanks
  8. 64studeavanti, The staples are what I was worried about. Do they take a special staple & stapler or will a regular staple gum work? Thanks
  9. Yes, but I can't find anyone around here that can do them until summer.
  10. Looking for detailed instructions on installing seat covers. Google sends me back hear.
  11. Check your June 1992 Turning Wheels, Page 12.
  12. I would think #3 since it was his baby.
  13. How about brake calipers?
  14. I put 205/75s Cooper Trendsetter white walls on my 63.
  15. I measured mine at the belt line and they are 48.5
  16. What are the two gauges under the dash? I don't remember seeing them before.
  17. I think I read 110. I always thought it would be eight or nine pieces.
  18. Is there a way to edit my profile?
  19. It seems like it would be easier to put a .25ยข pilot bushing in while the engine is being built instead of waiting to see if is is going to have a 3 or 4 speed tranny.
  20. I noticed that in 63 there was one Avanti painted SPECIAL. Does anyone know what it was painted?
  21. One of my 63 wheel covers has two valve stem holes. The second hole is punched one spoke over from the original. Someone said they thought there was something in Turning Wheels years ago. Any ideas?
  22. Thanks Leo, I sent them a message. Hope it works.
  23. I noticed on my last post that under my name it shows that i have R4433 when I have 1963 R4499. How do I edit and change that?
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