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Avanti mention in James Bond magazine...


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While in the grocery store with my wife, I picked up a magazine from Hollywood Icons called "The Best of Bond...The World of 007 from Dr. No to Spectre. It covers every actor who portrayed Bond as well as every Bond movie made.

There's also a chapter on Bond's creator, Ian Fleming..."The Mastermind Behind Bond". It discusses his life...both personal and professional.

In discussing his personal life, Fleming's official biographer Jon Gilbert was quoted about Fleming's love of cars..."He was also rather flamboyant with his cars. He owned several exotic imported vehicles such as a Ford Thunderbird, an AC Aceca Coupe and a Studebaker Avanti."

While I wouldn't think of a Ford Thunderbird as "exotic", I guess to the biographer or Europeans in general of that time period, the Thunderbird and Avanti might qualify as such. Still...it's gratifying to see the Avanti getting some positive mention in a mainstream kind of publication.

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