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AVX "Hummer" Type


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Does anyone know whatever happened to the Ford platform AVX "hummer type" vehicle Studebaker produced. Saw it in Chicago at an auto show and was summarily impressed. Understand there were two of those built but what happened to them ??

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I thought at some point, around the 4-door AVANTI/Suv phase did Avanti motors have some interest in LISTER automobiles? I seem to remember a link to lister and maybe some other obscure vintage looking racecar.

I should have just googled it. Found this

"The new-generation Listers were brutal performers, with the prototype clocked at 11.6 seconds in the quarter-mile using 16-inch street tires! Standard features included a Chevrolet V-8, a four-speed transmission, fully adjustable independent suspension, four-wheel disc brakes, and a Dana rear end. This example is the final one of the 12 factory-built cars manufactured by Avanti, and it was created specifically for the 2005 SEMA show. After this car, Avanti sold the Avanti-Lister line to Lucra Cars, which continues to use the same body plus a similar chassis and suspension for its LC470. "

and this on theavanti.net

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