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Grille for '63


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My 63 (actually built in 1962) did not originally come with a grill BUT someone put one on somewhere along the line. Problem is the grill totally screwed up the front fiberglass due to poor installation. (this was actually the first "fix" I did on this car) I decided to take the grill off at that point and ran around for about five years with it off and never had a problem at all with rocks or other stuff. Suggest if you don't really need it, don't waste money putting one on. The grills have to be kind of widely spaced. If your Avanti is like mine, it is always "gulping" for air and aside from replacing the fan blade I have tried to open up as much airspace as possible by leaving the grill off. By the way, I honestly don't think that grill could stop much anyway.

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