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Converted my 2003 tail lights and blinkers to LEDs. Love it!

Jim Baize

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The bulbs in the tail lights heat up so much they can distort the lenses. I wanted to change them out a long time ago but was a little fearful of having to add resistors, etc. Several calls to the local LED wizards here all gave me different answers! I finally figured it out and used red LEDs in the back with 6 ohm, 50 w resistors. Makes the lenses a deeper red than when the lenses were new! Not sure I will change out the front amber light.

Next I am thinking about a ring of LEDs around my headlamps like some of the newer cars.


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I don't have John Hull's book handy, but I believe his records show 53 Avantis were built on the TransAm platform from 2001-2004. I might be off by one or two but that's the number that sticks in my mind.

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