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How to determine right serpentine fan belt for 1989 Convertible?


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When I got the 1989 Avanti convertible it did not have a belt installed to drive the various accessories.

It is supposed to have a single serpentine belt with a spring loaded tensioner to drive all of the accessories. 

I think someone previously cut the belt off because the AC compressor and the air pump are both frozen so I have to know more about the engine to order the correct air pump and AC compressor.

I was told that the 1989 cars were built around Chevy Caprice chassis and mechanical components but when I go to rockauto to look up a serpentine belt for a 1989 Chevy Caprice I see a LOT of different belts listed there. So as a result I am having difficulty determining which one to order. 

I was told that there are codes on the emissions sticker on the firewall that can be used to determine what the exact engine and emissions components were for that car. I have recorded those codes down but so far I have not found anywhere via google searching to use those codes to narrow down the engine specifications for this car so I can order the correct parts.

The codes on the emissions sticker on the firewall are:

5.0 Liter

I am not certain if the last line is KB0-1p or KBO-1p  (zero versus capital "O")

Can anyone here tell me more about the engine installed in this car from these codes so I can make sure I am ordering the correct parts? Or maybe clue me in where I can use these codes to look up exact specifications and parts for this engine?

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1989 Chevrolet Caprice

OEM# 19370624 Fan-AC-A.I.R.-Gen-P/S

AC Delco 6K945 w/o police package

AC Delco 6K990 w police package

These are the only belts I see for this model with either the 5.0L 305ci or the 5.0L 307ci.

6 is the number of ribs 945 or 990 is the length.


Good luck,

Jim Wood

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Maybe. Would be listed on the RPO sheet for the donor car. You could look for the OEM VIN and use it to ID the OEM car.

Or just get the 6K945 and if its too short use the 6K990.

Good luck

Jim Wood

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On 12/4/2020 at 2:22 PM, JensenHealey said:

So is the original GM VIN recorded anywhere on the chassis?

OEM VIN# will greatly help with engine and emission parts ordering or performance upgrades.

Same with suspension, steering, brakes and drive train.

Here is more info on finding your Chevrolet VIN#


Good luck,

Jim Wood

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