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My 87 Avanti is mounted on a 87 Monte Carlo SS frame. No spacers are used.

I've got a LT1 engine with a 700R4 trans. that I was going to install but the problem with a G-body frame is that the LT1 AC compressor will not clear the frame. The frame is so weak in the front that I dont feel safe notching the frame so it will clear. I'm looking for a 88 Camaro with the TPI system to install on my 305HO.

I did have an article in the Avanti magazine about installing drop spindles. I went that way because I wanted the rake look of the orginal Avanti but not the problems other methods could cause, I have not had any problems with the ride, tires rubbing or alignment.

I like the rims that you put on your 63, I'm looking into some 16's so that I can keep the same tire diameter but get better performance tires.

Click on the picturetrail site below to see my Avanti.

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The above article might be of use for you, there are three ways to go about getting

the LT1 to fit your frame, one is the easiest (and what we are doing with our 78

Camaro LT1 swap) to get the A/C delete pulley and do away with the A/C.


The second is to get the now discontinued Corvette assessory bracket, and the last

is to get the assessory bracket made by some aftermarket companies (not cheap).

I would go with the LT1, its a VERY good engine. Even deleting the A/C to do it,

the TPI is OK, but still leaves a lot to be desired, and the MAF system they had on

the earlier cars is total crap. The later Speed Density setup is MUCH better for

reliability, you would regret going with the MAF. I have 200k on TWO LT1's one

in my 1995 Impala SS clone, and one in my 93 Camaro Z28. Both cars are still

quite fast, and smoke the tires just fine. If you need a source for ANY GM part,

then go with Dal at :


What tire diameter are you looking for? I will measure these and tell you what

they are. The responses on the Impala site have been VERY favorful of these

rims, the total cost of $813 bucks can not be beat for 4 rims and tires, granted

you would be paying shipping on top of that.


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