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Avanti 4 Speed Setup


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After much sole searching, I've decided to leave well enough alone and keep my  1963 Studebaker Avanti "automatic equipped"!....The Avanti Powershift is, in my opinion, a very solid, reliable transmission that I really can't fault...other than 4 speed equipped Avantis are a bit more fun to drive....especially since my Avanti is a "weekender"!

To get to the point, I've decided to part company with a used Borg Warner T-10 four speed transmission, clutch housing, flywheel, good used pressure plate & disc, correct four speed starting motor, clutch linkage & bracket between frame rail and trans, and factory four speed floor shift linkage....Transmission appears to be in good shape, and all parts have been cleaned.

Parts still needed to convert a Stude Avanti from auto to 4 speed would be the clutch pedal linkage and the driveshaft. (Forgot to mention I also have the correct 4 speed driveshaft front yoke.)

If I don't use these parts, they are basically in the way, so if anyone can use them them let me know!

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On 10/19/2020 at 11:10 AM, Dave Smith said:

I would be interested in this set up if it is still available. Give me a call when convenient. 760-450-7339. - Dave

Hello Dave....See PM....Thanks!

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