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'89 Pwr WIN. motor, gear box, adjustments & front end align?

Buzz D

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Hello! We have purchased Ernie Neely's 1989 Avanti and we like it very much.

PROBLEM: The left window is broken. Motor spins but gears are probably broken says my mechanic. It was clunking just a few minutes before it stopped (w/window down of course).

I understand a person used to make stronger replacement gears. QUESTION #1: Does anyone know where I can buy the stronger replacement gears?

I understand the '88 motors and gear boxes are from the 1976 Chrysler New Yorker. Left NYer fits right Avanti window. Right window motor/gears of NY fits left Avanti. QUESTION #2: Is this also the correct source for the '89?

QUESTION #3: Does any one have a copy of any instructions for window removal and replacement and adjustment?

QUESTION #4: Is the front end alignment on the '89 the same as that of the 1989 Chev. Caprice?

QUESTION #5: Is there a source for the horizontal rubber moulding that fits on the door at the bottom of the window to keep the water out of door?

QUESTION #6: Is there a source for the horizontal moulding and brush like material that is rivieted to the top piece of the inside of the door?

Thanks very much for any help that can be provided!

Buzz Davis, 608-239-5354 cell#

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Buzz, Ernie was in the Chicagoland AOAI and the '89 is a sharp looking car. If you do some looking around Bob Johnstone's Studebaker Resource Page, you might find some answers for the window removal and window motor information. I also have an 89, convertible, and just dodged a bullet with the right door window motor not working. It turned out to be a poor connection. Good luck with the window repair.

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Hi ... I had a 1988 Avanti convert and went throught the same thing. Mine was the pasenger rear wire frayed. I went through all the they came out of lebaron converts, AMC Renault Alliance etc etc and other cars, don't waste your time.!

Even if you are so lucky to find what window regulator Avanti Motors used you would have to break the welds on the brackets they welded on so it would fit in the car, then reweld them on the window regulator you found.

I just got mine back from a company called Window Motor World inc 1-800-252-2649 windowmotorworld.net

I had my mechanic take my whole window regulator out and I shipped it. I got my window regulator back with a new motor, thicker cables, new pulleys, cleaned it all up and guarantee it for 1 year. They turned it around in a couple of days. Save your time and energy and have these guys do it. You will get back a complete widow regulator just like new. The last thing you want to happen is replace just the motor and then have it put back in to have a wire fray sometime later and have to take it out all over again, get it all done while it is out.. :-)

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Questions 1& 2 -

My '87 Avanti uses Chrysler window motors from a 1987 Lebaron, the OEM # is on the motor. I am currently repairing my gears, if the motor runs the clutch in the gear kit is probably bad. Gear kit is CARDONE # 42-94 about $20.00.


Question 3 –

You can get the Avanti Service Manual on CD disc from Studebaker International. My ’87 Avanti uses the same regulator as the original.

Question 4 –

I used the specs. for the ’87 Monte Carlo to align my ’87 Avanti on my Hunter Alignment machine. So ’89 Caprice should work fine for you.

Question 5 & 6 –

Got mine from Restoration Specialties, talked to Dave Mihalko Jr @ (814) 467-9842. I ordered a six foot length of the outer, had him round the ends and cut in half. The rear of the outer metal needs to be rounded, the front fits under the rubber for the vent window. You will need to cut with metal shears to fit and the strip will need to be bent to shape as you install it. The inner pieces can be cut to length, but it was easier to take door panel to upholstery shop for install.


Jim Wood

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