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Wonky Vacuum Boost Gauge


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My 1963 R2 Avanti arrived a few days ago and I am getting used to it.  

I notice the vacuum boost gauge is very slow..

It seems to get up to 10 and stays there and with the car shut off it will stay there and finally come down after 30 minute or more

Wit acceleration in 4th gear and supercharger activated I do not see any register of boost (should be at least 3 to 5)

I have a boost gauge on my golden hawk and I am able to see boost with acceleration.

1. Can we lube the gauge or does this take special tools/skills/repair

2. Referrals for gauge repair if needed .. anyone been through this?


Thanks Keith

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The gauge is a bourdin tube with a linkage to the needle. The link pivots lube dries out, and need cleaned and lubed. You could access it through the lighting hole, but most likely would get the glass and face all dirty. I repair them all the time. $150

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