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Had an idea the other day. I am looking for a used 1:18 scale model with the

idea of making a roadster type of body style. From my fabrication classes

I realize with the diecast body and the access to metal and forming/metal

shaping equipment at school, I can make this happen. I am seeing a roofless

two-door with a cover over the rear seats. Headrest blisters. Maybe a pair of

small roll bars. Waterfall feature between the seats. Ground effects lower body

work. Lowered suspension. Wheels and tires. Cut-down windshield and side glass.

And another one redone to match my real car. Both painted the same color.

Metallic chocolate brown with tan leather interiors.

Maybe a red/tan or red/red roadster.

I got plenty of time and need a project.

Waiting to hear about a pair now for sale.

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They're widely available for $25-$30...just check on eBay and they show up there regularly. I believe they're available in black, white, red and a very incorrect shade of turquoise.

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Except for a used one which will work for me, I don't see any for less than $38 or so plus $14 shipping.

I don't really need to pay that for a new one just to cut it up for my use.

I did find one here in Dallas but it is $65. No idea what color as the person I spoke to didn't want to go look.

Long hot summers, around 100* for months on end, and I want an inside project.

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Found and bought the basis of my project. Should be here by next Monday.

Amazed by the sheer amount and variety of 1:18th items.

Going to add to my diorama/garage too.

Working on the drawings of my Avanti roadster today.

And my Toyota T-100.

And my real Avanti.

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