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Nice Avanti article in the March Hemmings Muscle Cars...


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Just got my March issue of HMM...very nice "Buyer's Guide" article on the '63-'64 Avanti. It's quite complimentary and any incorrect items are minor at best. It really doesn't even mention the common problem areas Avanti restorers can face...hog troughs (outside cost of replacements), etc. Some of the values look a bit inflated, but if it helps with the values long-term, it's a welcome thing.

If there's a downside, it's that anyone not familiar with the Avanti might get lost in a restoration due to the known (to us) headaches.

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I don't believe it's available online until after the following issue is released. Otherwise...there would be no reason to have subscribers or even a print edition if everyone could get it for free.

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