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The #8 Bonneville Avanti is for sale...


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The #8 Bonneville Avanti, which has been out of the public eye for many years, is now for sale. The car has been located maybe ten miles from me in a repair shop for fifteen years or more and the owner has decided to find it a new home. I've spoken with him and told him I would put the information out within the Studebaker and Avanti community to see if anyone wants to provide it a new home. He's not a member of the AOAI or the SDC to the best of my knowledge.

There's only so much I can put out about the car as I'm not privy to everything regarding the car...and I do not want to make statements that may not be accurate. I would love to make him an offer for the car but am simply not in a position right now to do so. I'm merely trying to let others know about it. I agreed to not post his name or contact information but will provide the information to anyone who contacts me and is serious about it.

This is the genuine #8 Bonneville car and is documented as such. Here's what I can verify about the car:

Serial # 63R-1014.

R3 engine #B62 (right now it is NOT installed in the car but has been rebuilt).

Roll cage is installed as when it ran at Bonneville.

Genuine Halibrand magnesium wheels.

While this is a genuine R3 engine, it is NOT the engine installed at Bonneville.

The 4-speed transmission is in need of a rebuild from what I understand. The owner told me it keeps popping out of 3rd gear.

One rear quarter panel requires a repaint.

Information I’ve seen elsewhere states the car at one time was either rebodied or repaired due to a fire resulting from work being performed on the fuel system...I don’t have verification of that and I don’t believe the owner does either.

The car has not been run for nearly twenty years from what I can make out so I would suspect the brake system needs to be redone for safety's sake and the tires should be replaced due to age. The car has been indoors in a commercial garage all this time.

The car is located in Frederick, MD and the owner lives on Maryland's eastern shore.

From what I understand the engine is ready to be installed but has not.

The owner has not given a dollar figure but would ask for offers. I have no idea what kind of money he will require. I told him the International Meet will be in Dover next year and would be a great place to take it to sell...he liked the idea and said he may do that if he finds no buyer otherwise right now.

I have no financial interest in this...I'm asking no commission for finding a buyer...I only would like to see the car go to a good home. It deserves to be back on the road and to be seen by the public. I can provide photos of the car I took several years ago for anyone interested. If anyone cares to come to Frederick I can take them to physically see the car whenever the shop owner is available (he operates his shop part-time).

This is the genuine article...originally Granatelli prepped and run at the Bonneville Salt Flats though it took no records...the #9 car had that honor.

If anyone is seriously interested in speaking with the owner please send me a PM for the contact information.

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