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Source of Avanti II seats


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Avanti used Recaro seats (optional) or their own seats (standard).

I assume you mean the standard seats and that the "button" is the large round chrome button near shoulder height on the seat back?

Have you tried Nostalgic?


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You are correct, that's the button I'm looking for. I'll try Nostalgic tomorrow. I'm new to the Avanti scene and still figuring out what everything is and where I can get parts.

Thanks very much!


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Just to make sure, that button releases the seat back so it can fold forward for access to the rear seat. The handle down on the outside of the seat base moves the seat forward and rearwards.

I believe that's what you meant...just want to make sure.

If Nostalgic Motors doesn't have what you need, contact Myer's Studebaker.

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